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If you have been planning or thinking of improving the looks of the house you are occupying now, you can hire the excellent services of our company, Hamms Painting Lexington. We are a leading house painting company in Lexington, KY, serving the needs of our local community for the last 17 of years. At present we are enjoying the reputation of being one of the most reliable residential painters, around. By dialing us up at (859) 224-1404, you can be sure of our immediate and adequate response to your residential painting needs. One of our uniformed experts will come to your place and give you a free quote. Do not worry about the project, from the preparation of the surface to the finished work, everything will be perfect. We use pressure washing techniques to ensure that the paint will last longer.


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Hamms Painting Lexington
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painting contractor (2)One of the factors you have to consider when refreshing your home is the paint color. Should you need a professional advice on that, feel free to ask for a suggestion from our skilled representatives. Our residential painters are regularly trained and are aware of all the latest trends on the colors and other aspects of residential painting technology. We treat all the tasks assigned to us with our utmost care. A simple room repainting is considered as big a task as a complete house repainting. This is why you can place your trust on our painter to create a new and favorable look to your space.

Our company, Hamms Painting Lexington in Lexington, KY is offering a complete lineup of residential painting services for your specific needs. As one of the leading company in our area, we believe that a good house painting job adds character to your space. It silently speaks about the individuals who are occupying the area.

For our exterior, residential painting services, we use the latest products that can better withstand the weather changes. We use the appropriate methods to prolong the life of your establishment. All our painting products are environment friendly. We have the proper safety gear for our staff. This includes hoists, scaffolding, and ladders. We use sandblasting, hot and cold water treatment, spray painting machines, abrasion, steam cleaning and power washing to achieve excellent results.


Pressure washing is used before the house painting beginOur interior house painting services include cleaning of your walls, ceilings, cabinets and other fixtures before the first paint coating. To guard your properties against splatters and drops, we may require you to place your furniture or valuables in a safe place. If this is not possible, we can assist you by wrapping your assets with our specialized covering. Trust us, Hamms Painting Lexington, one of the leading painting contractors in Lexington, KY, to deliver professional and affordable services which address your needs directly! The coat for your windows, gates, doors, fences, and garages appear dilapidated easily because of everyday use. Our painter use special materials that can not only improve the looks of these parts but can provide protection and extend the their life. Next time you look for professional painting contractors pick up your phone and dial (859) 224-1404.