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There are many painting contractors and one question – How to choose?

There are many painting contractors in Lexington, KY not to mentioned the rest of the state. With so many choices a natural questions usually emerges such as how to pick the best contractor or at least one that won’t ditch the job midway and run with the money. Stick to the tips give bellow and you will most probably avoid many headaches when the time for picking painting contractors come!

  1. Ask a friend. The first and only step in most of the cases. Ask somebody – be it a friend, family member or a fellow worker as they can give you valuable insights which are in most cases are priceless.
  2. Subcontractors VS employees. Ask the contractor whether he has full-time workers or rather employ various subcontractors. Employees are bonded and use compensation and general liability insurance policies rather than subcontractors which have their own individual insurance policies which in most cases are extremely hard to track.
  3. License, certification and insurance. Check for a valid license information and insurance policies. Check also for proper certification. If such don’t exist or apply… DON’T HIRE! Inexperienced, not insured or non-certified individuals and painting contractors usually causes more troubles than they are supposed to solve.
  4. Prep work. A good painting company takes its time on preparation. The surface which a coating is about to be applied must be carefully prepared in order for the paint to last for many years to come.
  5. References. Check for references. A list of previously completed projects is a great way to prove s.o’s workmanship.
  6. Portfolio. A photo says a thousands words! Ask whether you can see a professional portfolio from the questioned company.
  7. A formal estimate. Ask for a written and detailed estimate regarding your future project! If you haven’t been supplied with a complete written report, you can easily become a victim of a fraud scheme and in the end you will have to pay more money than you have originally agreed!
  8. Guarantee. Check for workmanship guarantees. After all home improvements are not made to last for a few days but for many years to come!
  9. Cost. Always get quotes from at least three separate painting contractors. Once you receive the estimates, which should take no longer than a couple of days, you should carefully compare all them.

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